What Is Glob?

Enter the world of Glob - a crystal geode with mysterious chambers where you play as a gelatinous floating creature and make your way through clusters of puzzles. But beware! Glob is a delicate creature and will pop if it comes into contact with anything. Collect the proteins to break, slime or plug traps and escape through the vortex.

Completing challenges will allow you to customize the look of your squishy little oddball. Sign in to unlock achievements, share best times and earn bragging rights from your friends!

About Prime8

Who are We?

Prime8 was founded in 2013 by Friso Kristiansen and is located in downtown Vancouver, British Columbia. Since then Prime8 has been developing its first mobile title "Glob: Gelatinous Little Oddball" which will soon be available on Android and iOS.

You can contact us at:

The Developers

My name is Friso Kristiansen and I have been working as a programmer in the games industry for over five years now. I've always wanted to take on the challenge of starting my own small business, so in 2013 I founded Prime8 Entertainment.

Working on Glob these past months has been an excellent learning experience - small business owners work hard! I've really enjoyed taking on other aspects of game development in addition to programming.

You can also check out my personal site at:

Hey, I'm Peter Ferreira. Being descended from traditional European farmers and fishermen, pursuing my life dream of becoming a CG artist is a huge contrast! Passionate towards game art and development, I've always had a taste for creating worlds, whatever the setting. Working full-time in CG television and creating art for games every other waking moment, I don't see myself slowing down anytime soon.

If you like what you see, you can also check out my personal site at: